Yours Sincerely..

first thing first ok..
asslamulaikum to all gajebo..
aku nak ucap thank you banyak2 kt korang suma..
thanx god give me a wonderful meaning of friendship.
u all with me when i'm in a depressed situation..
i lost my very2 good friend babe..
i don't want this thing happen twice in my whole life..
thanx sbb amek aku jadi di dalam kelompok geng gajebo..
aku happy,gembira,gelak sakan,biler dgn korang..
thanx jannah
thanx syida
thanx dilla ( sbb selalu nyibuk dlm bilik )
thanx yana ezrin ( sama gak mcm dilla)
thanx marshatyka maznor (full name coz attendence babe..always be with u..;P)
thanx echa
last one
thanx wanie ( tukang jaga makan minum ni)

friendship is all about love i guess.
we care that relation
biar hilang pakwe babe..jgn ilang hubungan kawan tu..
so need to take care of it..

so thanx very2 muchie2..
even we have a big personal problem..
when we laugh
problem terus hilang babe..
that all from me..

yours sincerely,

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